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Department of English Language & Linguistics
Ciudad Universitaria
28040 - Madrid

Fortunately, I was one of the lucky few to turn my passion into my profession. This is why my main hobby since I was around 7 is that of teaching (regards to my poor brother and cousins, who were the first ones to experience my rather unorthodox teaching methods!) It was later in time that I discovered the pleasures of researching areas connected to this and some of my other hobbies: languages and human communication.

Apart from this, I am of the kind of human being who loves being surrounded by his family & friends and, generally speaking, by honest, smiley and positive people. I am an absolute fan of spending time with them, and I especially enjoy designing plans out of improvisation. My social self also loves travelling, and I try to do so whenever I find the time. In general terms then, I am always up for activities that involve human interaction (thought-provoking discussions over a cup of coffee, dancing, big and deliciously-cooked meals and gastronomy in general, etc.) Furthermore, I am a devoted bibliophile who loves contemporary literature written in English (Ian McEwan, Alice Munro or Margaret Atwood) but a passionate admirer of classic arts (especially the Renaissance) and cultures.

In the attempt to take up a completely different hobby, I am now starting to learn how to play the guitar. I like singing too, but witnesses of that are only those with whom I really feel at easy with and, of course, my shower.